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Meeting Coach Greg

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by amazing artists. One of my dear friends is Linda Yudin, director of Viver Brazil Afro-Brazilian Dance company in Los Angeles. I have long been a fan of Linda’s work and attend all of their shows and at one point even became a back stage hand. My experience as a performer and promoter made me a good “assistant” backstage.


Several years ago Linda was having a fundraiser for her company and of course I attended.


I long ago learned that you can learn a lot from others even if they are from a different art form than yours. You can learn what to do and what not to do and how to apply it to your own process.


So at one of the fundraisers, they were selling raffle tickets for a number of prizes and I bought $20 in tickets to help out, not expecting to win anything because I NEVER win!


Well the evening went on with performances and live music, speeches and food. When the time came to announce the winners they called out names and I heard my name but not exactly what I had won. It didn’t really matter because I was so excited I had won something-anything!! I never win these kinds of things.


So I went up to the stage and they handed me an envelope and everyone cheered for me. Well it wasn’t the basket of lotions but I hoped it was a gift certificate for somewhere good.


I opened the envelope when I returned to my seat and in it was a letter which stated that I was a winner of three sessions with a life coach, Greg Williams, who happened to be the father of one of the dancers. “ A life coach?” I thought, “I could probably use that.”


And that is how this documentary came out of my head and started to become a reality.



Feiruz Aram

The idea for the Fez Documentary was fermenting inside your formidable brain and it took something/someone to trigger it. In any case, however it happened. I’m happier than happy and so proud for what you’ve done.


The Fez was the start of careers for many a dancer including myself. The Fez was my home for many years and some of the most memorable times of my life happened during my time there. Lou was a great friend and mentor and I will never forget him. Thanks Roxanne for bringing life back to the Fez. You’ve made a wonderful tribute to the legendary Fez and your Father, he would have been so proud of you.


Love you Antoinette!!

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