Interview Footage with Feiruz Aram

This week’s blog features Feiruz Aram!! Listen to her talk about the sisterhood of the dancers in Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s. Can you believe that many of those dancers danced 6 nights a week!



Interview Footage with Awayshak Khoury Smit

Meet Antoinette Awayshak Khoury Smit!! Dubbed “The Casting Directors Dream” by Lou Shelaby, she was one of the legendary dancers at The Fez. In this week’s clip Antoinette talks about the connection The Fez had to Arab Community and so much more!



Our Dance Mothers

In January of 2012, I began filming interviews for the documentary. I brought together many of the main figures of the Fez, we sat down for a delicious Lebanese meal at Xai Verandah and the stories started flowing!

This clip exemplifies why I am doing this project. Watch as Saadoun Al Bayati, Barbara Al-Bayati, Aisha Ali, Antoinette Awayshak Khoury Smit, Marta Shill Kouzouyan, myself, Feiruz Aram, Helena Vlahos, Anisa, Tonya and Andreas Chianis, all musicians and dancers at The Fez, discuss passing down their art to future generations.